Happy New Year, Holidays and moods

2012.  What will this year bring?  It follows a very unusual year, with unheard of weather globally, overthrow of dictatorships of decades long duration, high unemployment and with that high foreclosure rates on homes, high homelessness, dependence on food stamps and welfare.  What will it bring indeed?  Well, looking at the store flyers in the newspaper brings the usual ads for exercise and weight loss products to fix what we did to ourselves last year(s), organization stuff to get under control all that we bought in the past months.  Why do we do it every year?  Advertising is a powerful thing.  They convince us that we need more stuff, then we need more space for more stuff. Recycling, re-purposing is good for so many reasons!  I wonder if the McMansion housing balloon was a need for more space for more stuff.  I also got a notice from Big Brothers and Big Sisters that they’ll be coming through my area on a specific date. So put bags out to the curb with their yellow card on them, and they’ll take gently used clothes, shoes, household items.  We’re a pretty regular stop, I must confess.  And we’ll be buying organizational stuff, like to keep the Christmas dishes displayed in “”Christmas at our Hoosier”. in a safer way.  Rubbermaid is our friend.

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever your faith has for this season.  I’ve made it no secret, nor will I ever, that for my family it’s Christmas.

Mary, Did You Know?In this house, it’s a Christ-filled Christmas.  I believe the word of God where it says the only way to the Father is through the Son, for all who have a relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior.

One of my goals for 2012 is to read the Bible in 365 days, another is to pray more. I’ve started the “Plan for shirkers and slackers” for Bible reading I found among recommendations on another blog.  I always mean well, but…… What are some of your goals?

I can’t forget that a goal for early 2012 is to finish the gifts I started for Christmas this year and failed to finish.  We are a family riddled with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia so anything pain relieving is helpful.

Warming Rice Bags

I finally found advertised the sets I used to see in the malls (when I still went there) for the neck, eyes/sinuses, shoulders-back, top, front, pectoral area-, entire length of the back which could also be wrapped around the hips and lower back.  Perfect!  Do you have any idea how much rice you need to fill one of those sets?  The full length one took 10 lbs.!  That is the only piece I have finished. Takes a lot out of the sewer, in this case me. I planned to have ric rac rose jewelry made,

silk rose jewelry made, dopp kits for my guys (toiletry bags), cosmetic bag for my mom, a bed for my daughter’s cat and one for my son’s puppy.  These just popped into my head.  Not to mention the home decorating things I planned like the slipcovers I talked about months ago.  And the painting and the organization.  Yikes.

My health is much better [Thank you, God!] than in years, but I got too ambitious. It’s not feasible to go 0-60 and maintain, though that’s what I expected to do.  Lesson learned, I’ll proceed slowly and try not to get discouraged.

Any other year that would throw me into a pit, or deeper into the pit I would already be in by this time, but this year is different.  This is the first year in many, many years that I’ve made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas to now without ending up in that pit.  Not at all.  One year, early 1990s, I wanted to die by Christmas.  I sat and rocked and cried and prayed and not one of my family, 2 children and one husband, who were here noticed.  When I’d been gone from the rocker I’d occupied for a good amount of time hubs came to find me bawling in the bathroom, asked if I was ok, what was wrong.  I told him I was suicidal and he had no idea how to handle that.  Most people wouldn’t.  So he left me there.  But God knew how to handle it.  He answered my prayers, taking away the negative, nasty thoughts,  replacing them with the thought that it wasn’t time for me to die, that there were still things for me to do here.  I’m currently serving Him as an online missionary through Global Media Outreach.

I have clinical depression, a biochemical imbalance induced depression that requires medication to manage.  I’m OK with that, not thrilled, it’s not convenient and it is costly, but the difference it makes is worth it.  Just like my asthma meds.  Would I rather not need them??  You bet!!  Will I keep taking them and keep breathing better than I can without them??  YEAH!  We just do what we gotta do, right?

Oh, one more goal:  to write more regularly. And with more completed projects to show. That way you won’t have to read through so much stuff when you, my best reader-friends, come to my blog.  I love you all and thank you for reading.  Suggestions are always welcome, as are comments–please!



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I thank God for all the wondrous gifts he's given me daily. Reading many of your blogs has inspired me to get busy and stay busy doing things I used to enjoy and just fell away from. And you've given me courage to try new things I've never done before, things I'd have been afraid to try a few months ago. Thank you for your unknown contributions to this woman's life.
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