I must be out of my mind.  This is not a large house, it’s an average (for this area anyway) 6 room ranch.  It has a floor plan that wasn’t open when the house was built in 1962, but is now with the removal of the wall separating the kitchen from the dining area/living room combination and removal of the wall separating the living room end of that room and what we use as a den–the room that will eventually be my craft room/office.  In the 1970s when heating costs were sky high and my asthma was much better controlled, we went by code and built a hearth that takes up a good sized corner of the living room and put a coal stove there.  It heated most of the house well.  The coal stove is long gone but the hearth remains.  On it now are 3 large dog crates.

Shown below:  Apollo, Wynonna on couch, Lucy on 1 of 2 recliners, their crates.  One side of the living room.  I really have to not take pictures in evening, sorry about the color.

2 dogs on couch, 1 on 1 of 2 recliners, their crates.  living room window wall to end.

Sometimes the dogs share the furniture with us.

The grey rectangle on the floor is Wynonna's new bed--she destroyed her 1st one.

Now we’ve had dogs for 21 years.  Once my formerly dog-hating hubs met the 12 year old standard poodle I got from Animal Friends he was hooked.  We only had poor Boo for about 6 months and had to have him put down; multiple systems failing then he had a stroke; I was selfishly glad for the stroke because I didn’t have to try to make very young kids understand why he was gone.  During that 6 months, hubs kept reading the “pets for sale” in the paper because he didn’t want to be without a dog “for Eric”.  The original reason he consented to try a dog was the research on how good it was for kids with autism to learn to socialize by first learning through the love of a dog.  So we’ve had at least one dog all that time.  We bought our first puppy (PRANCER) in December (I don’t advise it) and then when he was 5 I relented to the begging of the kids and adopted a morbidly obese female, Kelly, the same age.  She lost 30 pounds under our roof but was so unhealthy for her first 5 years she had to be put down due to severe illness at 12 y.o. Can I say how much I HATE those trips to the vet??  These are pre-digital age for us so I don’t have pics in the computer, too lazy to learn to scan-yet.

Prancer was black, Apollo-brown, Lucy-white, Wynonna-apricot, Kelly-grey.  There is an article reference at the end of the post with lots on info on the breed.

With Kelly gone we’re down to just Prancer again, the best dog God ever created, and we adopted Lucy through Poodle Rescue.  We only think we can keep her from the window, lol.

Lucy will not be denied the window.

I forgot to mention that poodles are the only dogs I know I’m not allergic to, and since we don’t like little yippy dogs, we go with the big guys, average adult weight 45-50 lbs.  And they have GREAT temperaments.  Remember, ranch, crates, furniture, 4 people.  We learned our groomer was also a breeder when she offered us the choice of a litter of 10 because she liked the way we cared for our dogs.  This brought us Apollo.

Puppy shots were removed to safe storage when computer crashed.  Adult Apollo and Lucy on 7 ft. long sofe.

Winter again.  Told you I’m crazy.  But how could we refuse?  Above are Lucy and Apollo on the 7 ft. long futon.  My captions aren’t coming through.  Hmmmm

Then a year and a half ago, our son was working and wanted to buy his own dog.   We found one in apricot (rare color) he fell in love with and negotiated the price down.  I was SO proud of him.  So this was a summer puppy.  YAY!!!!

Wynonna as adult takes over our bed unless we latch the bedroom door closed

Wynonna, adult in this picture, takes over our bed unless we remember to latch the door closed.

And we’re back to the three-ring circus.  They decided early Jan. 1 our Christmas tree was coming down by knocking it over, not flat on the floor, but leaning against a wall, making it a bit urgent to finish.  Now you’ve seen the size of these dogs and a bit of the size of the living room, the biggest room in the house, imagine when they decide it’s playtime.  And Wynonna brought the older dogs new life; they actively play.  It’s everyone for him/herself!  But we love ’em.  Hubs calls them our grandkids.


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I thank God for all the wondrous gifts he's given me daily. Reading many of your blogs has inspired me to get busy and stay busy doing things I used to enjoy and just fell away from. And you've given me courage to try new things I've never done before, things I'd have been afraid to try a few months ago. Thank you for your unknown contributions to this woman's life.
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  1. Sweet pups. Pups make the house a home no matter the size.

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