Brrrrrr: Handmade winter wear

“Baby, it’s cold outside.”  And I realized with “crafty” as the beginning of the blog name, I should show I do craft, lol.

Yup.  Winter has decided it likes it here.  We had 12 inches on snow Oct. 29 and just a couple flurries since, wierd.  And for the most part the temperature has been above normal.  I think “Normal is just a setting on your dryer,” [Patsy Clairmont] is very true.  Above normal rainfall, below normal temperatures, really, unless it’s different where you live, what percent of the time do the meteorologists say we’re having a normal month?

Anyway, whether it’s normal or not, it’s cold as far as I’m concerned.  And I’m one of those with asthma for whom cold triggers the airways to constrict.  It’s like trying to get a square peg through a round hole except the difference isn’t shape, it’s temperature and diameter of the “hole” (trachea).  So I have to prepare, as many asthmatics do.  An optometrist I worked for once found an air-warming mask at EMS for her winter sports kinda guy son.  She asked if I’d like her to pick one up and reimburse her so I said sure.  My son obligingly models.

Doesn't he look like he's going to rob a bank with that on his face?

Well, I was sooooo self-conscious, I couldn’t let that go so I knit some things to cover it.  Again he obligingly models:

Fun fur scarf makes it look a little more fashionable.

Such a good kid.  But he got too warm to  model the cowl I knit also.  It’s a Lion Brand Yarn pattern designed for 3 strands of wool at a time.  Wool makes me itch so I asked for a substitute and was directed to their bulkiest synthetic.  Now Martha Stewart has added her lines to the family and has something much bulkier, but this isn’t one of hers.  I knit it in 2 stands, one red (I love red!) and one brown (color of my toasty,down coat).  It didn’t match how it was supposed to look.  You may notice, it curls at each end.  It’s OK, I like it.

Hubs is SUCH a good sport; he joked about a bald head and a big cowl. Love ya!

And, last but not least, not in warmth or size, I started out to crochet (I believe my first crochet attempt) a little cozy wrap, also from a Lion Brand Yarn pattern.  Combination of things went “wrong” here and made it just right for me!  First I crocheted the gazillion single crochets the pattern said to in each row, (before they edited it to a smaller size) but I did 2 strands, 1 recommended, of worsted (bought in lots on EBay cheap because I didn’t know if I’d stick with yarn work).  Kept me busy many hours of waiting for acupuncture appointments, etc.  It is light blue and tan, neutral colors, and SO big and warm.  When I say I’m cold, notice my hands on the keyboard in this picture.  These are gloves for arthritis, but I’m wearing them today because I can type with them on to warm my hands!  Again, evening, yellow pics 😦

Blogging amidst the clutter in my warm made-by-me wrap.

Sure glad I said the colors, can’t tell by the picture!  Well, if you’ve seen every blog you have now seen everyone under my roof.  Lucky you, LOL.

One request aside from the usual “please comment”, please pray for R starting a new full-time job tomorrow; pray especially for overcoming health issues to make success possible.  Thanks.  Love you, best readers ever!



About craftythriftydecoratingwifemom

I thank God for all the wondrous gifts he's given me daily. Reading many of your blogs has inspired me to get busy and stay busy doing things I used to enjoy and just fell away from. And you've given me courage to try new things I've never done before, things I'd have been afraid to try a few months ago. Thank you for your unknown contributions to this woman's life.
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2 Responses to Brrrrrr: Handmade winter wear

  1. You are funny Janet. That red cowl is beautiful. Are you sure your son could breathe through all those layers? Have you checked? maybe he is laid out on the floor… is there a pulse?? I have another blog you might like to take a look at: I’m taking a bit of a break from that blog to concentrate on making a few things that I’ve been meaning to make for eons!! (well, years.)

    • You’re pretty funny yourself! Yes, I know he can breathe through all those layers because I’ve done it. I didn’t get online yesterday and I come to find a new friend with genergously kind replies and now I’m a follower of your blog. Pretty good writing there, awesome stuff. And, like you, a lot of clutter is hubs’. He’s finally realizing some has to go but I don’t get why it has to make a long stay in the room with our books, etc., completely blocking access to them, before they exit. Basement to car to donate/trash is much more direct. And then I could actually get a book! You come across the study of Ephesians that just started this week by I’m doing it.

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