Where Does the Day Go????


I have some strengths, I have some weaknesses, we all do.  When I go to list them, the weaknesses list is always easier to fill.  Why is that?  When days go by in a row and I get so little done, it seems that strengths have gone away.

Are there others with asthma out there whose allergies kick up when indoors most of the time in forced air heat?  My sister being the same way tells me there are.  And it’s most often the woman of the house (at least among those I know) who are the cleaners.  At least when it comes to sort out and give away, throw away, store properly  kind of work.  It’s when that gets out of control the dust gets out of control.  And, man, is that ever the case here!!  An allergist I saw in my teen years said that since I’m allergic to all airborne particles and I live near the UTC factory that made space suits, I should hit them up for one to wear to school so I wouldn’t get sick so often.  When he said everything airborne, he meant it literally, so in addition to catching a cold and having typical miseries that go with that, I also had, still have, allergic reactions to the germs. Bizarre.  Quite the pain.  So I really don’t like dust but it sure likes living here.  We can have poodles because they don’t have fur, so they don’t shed.  They have hair and get theirs cut much more regularly than I do.  Did you know there’s a separate allergy test for poodles?  You’re welcome.  Maybe now they’re not doing more shuttle missions I should visit that space suit issue? Naaa  Be a big girl and take it.

That is part of why I go so long between posts.  I don’t breathe comfortably if I get into dust, etc. and so, I don’t sleep well and so I’m tired and get little to nothing done till I catch up.  Not that you wanted to know any of this, I just need to explain my delinquency.  I am home all day with no scheduled responsibilities for the most part.  But I get less done with less scheduled.  I feel like a kid but I have to admit I need to have a schedule.  I was just reading “Organization Made Fun” blog for charts for my son with autism and for me.  I don’t feel quite so bad, she said she needs a chart to keep herself on track, to get all of her to-dos done, but she has young kids and a way busy life.  I lose track of the passage of time.

Speaking of losing track, I just started a new online Bible study women’s group on the book of Ephesians.  I don’t see that it has to be for women, really. It’s put out by Goodmorninggirls.com.  By the end of the 12 week (I think) study I will have written out the whole book of Ephesians a few verses at a time, contemplated, journaled about them, etc.  S.O.A.P. method of study if you’ve ever heard of it.  And that is what I started out to write about my losing track of time to do.  I’m not THAT old, no Alzheimer’s my doctor assures me, just too many medical issues requiring medications.  OK, I guess I can take that reason for forgetfulness, sure beats the alternative.  My mother in law is 40 years older than I and sharper! That’s not just discouraging, it’s downright humiliating.  It’s great for her, and it bodes well genetically for hubs and our kids, though.  So, anyway, I should do my study before I forget-again-now that I remembered.  Anyone care to join, it’s really easy, just go to the website.  We can have a day here, I’ll find a way to remember, to talk about it weekly.  Any takers?

Be Blessed



About craftythriftydecoratingwifemom

I thank God for all the wondrous gifts he's given me daily. Reading many of your blogs has inspired me to get busy and stay busy doing things I used to enjoy and just fell away from. And you've given me courage to try new things I've never done before, things I'd have been afraid to try a few months ago. Thank you for your unknown contributions to this woman's life.
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One Response to Where Does the Day Go????

  1. where does the day go? sorry, I had to laugh. I often feel the same way. My morning shower takes all morning, my husband comes home for lunch, goes back to work and I do some housework, and stare out the windows, alternating east, north, and west. Inbetween, I try to get off the computer. Where does the day go??

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