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Hi everyone!  Is every part of the country having summer this week?  We are in CT.  The flowers and trees that normally bloom in April are in full bloom now, nature sure has everything confused.  We went from coats to shorts, especially the teens!  One town has an annual daffodil festival with a hundred + craft vendors plus food, etc every April.  All the daffodils are out now, there will be none by then.  Since our only notable snow this year was in October, maybe they’ll have snow for their festival, LOL.


Family Circle

Family Circle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, I was in a waiting room while sonny had an appointment and picked up the April issue of Family Circle.  It’s a treasure trove issue (or maybe I just haven’t looked at a print magazine in too long…I use the computer & blogs for my information).  For example, just up our alley, an article titled “50 Decorating Ideas for Under $50”.  Then there was “Cleaning for a Cause  Where to Donate Items to Charity”.  Now I know we all know of plenty of charities, this article reminded me of some I tend to forget.  For example, I don’t have business clothes in my plus size to donate to women going back to work, but someone who does could make or break a woman’s chance to get a good job.

Did you know that the first workday after tax day, April 18, is “Wear your pajamas to work day”?  It had a cute cartoon of a woman in pjs and robe with bunny slippers up on her desk in a corner office.  I’d suggest checking with the boss first. 🙂

There was a reference to a family’s website I’ve yet to check out but intend to: “”.  Don’t you wonder how a family could accomplish that?  And just for fun, an app for a smartphone that will send up to 3 cute puppy or kitty pictures a day to the recipient’s phone, just the pick-me-up someone might need.  From iTunes for $.99 each they are Puppytime or Kittytime.



April (Photo credit: The Pack)


This is all from the April, Autism Awareness Month, issue so it’s only appropriate that there is an article about a woman in Pennsylvania with an adult son with autism and the program she learned of and implemented in her part of the world, “One Mom’s Fight for Autism Education.”  My now adult son with autism went to therapeutic day schools where he got intensive interventions from multiple disciplines that got him to where he is today. (Did I write he’s currently doing a job eval at Marshall’s in the stock area, receiving, unpacking, folding/hanging clothes for the sales floor?  How cool would it be if he got a job in that chain.  Discounts!)  Anyway her program is different but the outcome about the same.  Good stuff.  Last, but certainly not least, on the Family Circle website is an excerpt from a not-yet-released book (I think it’ll be out March 29), “a family memoir   Letting Go” by Glen Finland, also about an adult with autism and his family.

Now I’ve got to see if I can get something accomplished, preferably outdoors, like sanding some rough furniture item in the garage so it can be painted.  I have the “no prime necessary” paint, but when it’s not a smooth surface it’s time for the sander.

ACE Hardware location (Springboro, USA)

ACE Hardware location (Springboro, USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I don’t want to miss the deals this weekend…a free sample (pint, I think) of  a new paint line at Ace Hardware, see Frugal Girls’ website to access coupon, or maybe it’s available just from the Ace site, I got emailed a 20% off total purchase coupon at Michaels’ and texted a 25% off total purchase offer at JoAnn’s!  Ace is Saturday only, the others are Friday – Sunday.  Can’t miss these!

What are you up to this weekend?  I’d love to hear.



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I thank God for all the wondrous gifts he's given me daily. Reading many of your blogs has inspired me to get busy and stay busy doing things I used to enjoy and just fell away from. And you've given me courage to try new things I've never done before, things I'd have been afraid to try a few months ago. Thank you for your unknown contributions to this woman's life.
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One Response to From “Family Circle”

  1. No, Janet, don’t throw in the towel! Keep on blogging. Blogging is a good, creative outlet. You have a lot of good information here, and I think it is so awesome how your health and stamina is improving. You are an encouragment to others.

    We are having warm weather here too–I’d say everything is nearly 2 months ahead of schedule (blooming and growing things). I worked in my back yard yesterday (cleaning up leaves, etc.). Did you get anything with your coupons? I used to shop at Michaels and loved it, but where I live now, that type of store is called Hobby Lobby. Of course, I could spend hours in there.

    Keep on with your activities and keep making those doctors wonder how and why you are getting better!

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