Homemade Detergent Passed the Ultimate Test

In addition to being a great guy bringing me flowers occasionally and even buying me orchids(!) my Hubs does laundry.  We’d been Tide users for at least 25 yrs. because my daughter seemed to be allergic to anything else we tried.   She’s now 28.  So a few weeks ago I finally got off my lazy tail and shredded the Fels Naptha bar soap (with the shred attachment of the food processor then I put the metal blade in the bottom and ground that soap into tiny little flakes).  We’ve washed clothes, towels, etc. basically everything we would put in the washer.  It’s a front-loader by the way.  And everything smells so good when it’s being done and when it’s all done.  We’d been plagued by a nasty smell during cold water (all we use-except for today-more on that to come) washes.  Not since the switch.  How’s that for gain; lower cost, nicer smell, no rashes.  WIN WIN WIN

laundry rooms galore                           This laundry room photo came from Pinterest but had no source, just people who liked it, so whoever has this spacious room, of which I’m jealous, let me know, I’ll be happy to give you credit.   I can’t believe the space!!   Below is my stacked washer & dryer with a rolling laundry cart slightly in the shot because the room’s too small not to show it, it’s that tight really.  Under that is the pic of the stacked washer & dryer next to the set tub.  I am physically unable to clean this room, just a disclaimer while keeping it real, lol.                                        

A few years ago we moved the laundry into the breezeway which we had dry walled, etc. for the occasion. It is level with the deck.  Apparently 3 large dogs are not a deterrent to deer mice.  The bigger than your typical mouse but small enough so you know it’s not a rat kind of mice that generally live in fields.  We had them a few years ago and thought we’d beat them at their game when hubs found their entry, filled it in, even cemented the area where they’d dug and burrowed through into our basement.  At least one found a new way in.  But it was an unlucky deer mouse because someone threw a clump of towels onto the floor in front of the washer and it apparently smothered.  Hubs found this strange grey-ish thing with a string. He wishes.  On closer examination this clump of supposed dryer lint or something (the man child with autism does his own laundry but if he empties the dryer filter it could end up anywhere) was a dead mouse.  Thankfully dead.  So my darlin’ put the towels in the wash on HOT this time with the homemade detergent and they came out great.  He scrubbed his hands, etc. with hot too as he described to me what had just happened.  Think I’ll keep him for another 36 years or till death do we part.

English: Captive bred Peromyscus maniculatus (...

English: Captive bred Peromyscus maniculatus (Deer Mouse). Originally published at RodentFancy.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also made dishwasher detergent.  It, didn’t pass with flying colors.  No one has thought to put vinegar in, but it’s in there now, running as I type.  We also put in more detergent.  The recipe I used was 1 c. washing soda, 1 c. Borax, 1 c. ascorbic acid.  We have very hard water.  A question for all who have used Borax.  Once you opened the box, how did you keep it from clumping?  Hubs put ours into a 3 lb. can that once held coffee and apparently the lid wasn’t all that tight because it clumped-a lot.  I must add here he did this for me because inhaling what might have puffed into the air had I been the one to dump it, would give me an asthma attack.  So now it’s in a gallon zip-lock bag and the lumps can be pummeled into dust again.  Might be good anger release.

See why I have laundry room envy?  Any tips on Borax?  Love to hear from you.



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  2. Ha, LOL, I didn’t think to pour the Borax into a zip lock and then beat the be-geebers out of it. Place steel wool where mice try to get–they won’t chew through that.

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