Great new blog, free e-book, my wreath knock-off

When I was younger, I remember always having a beautiful fresh live tree in my living room.  It would smell of Christmas throughout my house for the whole month of December and maybe even a week or so after.  We would pick out our tree together.  I don’t recall if it was the four of us; myself, mom, dad, and sister every year together, but I remember I was always there.  After picking out the perfect tree, we would bring it home and decorate it together.

via Christmas Dreams « bertibea.

Isn’t she a good writer?   The rest of the post is just as poignant.  And she’s giving away a Yankee Candle.  A comment is an entry.  Pretty cool, huh?

Free e-book:  100 Easy Recipes in Jars     by Bonnie Scott —  Frugal Girls posted this so you’ll need to go there to get the link, etc.  Hurry, you know these don’t stay free forever!  Personally, I think gifts in jars are great gifts.

And now for the first completed Christmas craft of the year.  Yeah, I know the date, I’m just a tad behind, lol.  This is a knock-off of a wreath Danielle of Blissful and Domestic posted recently.  She has a great tutorial.  I have pictures step by step of my process, more for me than anything else.  Mine is a little different if in no other way than I made it to showcase hubs’ cherished, vintage Merry Christmas sign.

step one

step one

step two

step two

forgot pics, just about done



ta-da!!  Finished product.No small task for me, believe me.

ta-da!! Finished product.
No small task for me, believe me.







Before I throw this computer through the window, I’ll sign off now.  You may have guessed by the wacky layout, it’s not co-operative tonight.  I don’t know how many times I had to try to get all the pictures in.  Maybe I’m just tired, yeah, that must be it.  Past my bedtime, lol.

I think I’ve kept my promises to fellow bloggers, I’ll call it a night.

How are you doing with your preparations?  Love to hear, and see!!



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