This Storm Wins in the Comparison of Blizzards

I guess I’m brain dead , below is, first an attempt to embed a time release of the storm, (I see code) 2nd a link to the news feed of the time release.

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This record-breaking snow and wind that was storm Nemo to many, Charlotte to this news channel, caused the governor to shut down all roads to non-essential travel as plow trucks got stuck.  Our street is plowed, but the corners are one lane–hope and pray nobody from the other side of the snow bank is trying to turn to where you are.  Some towns didn’t get that all done.  This pic is from wfsb news in the town of Berlin, CT, residents clearing their street with staggered snow blowers.  This was yesterday.  Today after temps starting in single digits, it’s in the 40’s now, so lots of melting, re-freezing creating black ice.  We have dense fog, too.  I’m not going out, that’s for sure.

© Neighbors used shovels, snowblowers and tractors to clear the streets in Meriden.

Of course the airport a couple miles from my house closed for an extended period.  The president declared a state of emergency.  One town alone, not the one above, has 240 miles of roads un-plowed.  Photo below also from WFSB-TV.  A parking lot in a business district and no one can get their cars out due to road closures.

State workers were told not to go to work today unless they’re in the essential group, most get tomorrow off, too.  And we’re having another storm today, bringing freezing rain, rain, sleet, a real mixed bag that will add weight to the 2′ of snow already on roofs.  There have been 16 collapses already.

© Cars buried under snow in downtown Hartford.

None of us are snow lovers.  Less so now.  And there’s a good possibility of more snow Thursday.  Watching people sled and ski down stairways of buildings, crazy.  What were your storm experiences? I’d love to hear.  I want to join all you southerners!!



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2 Responses to This Storm Wins in the Comparison of Blizzards

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi there! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment – I greatly appreciate it 🙂 I am so glad I came and visited your site, it’s always a blessing to meet other Christian women. I am now following you through email and I look forward to visiting again.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. that is a lot of snow. Here in TN does not snow that much or that often.

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