World Asthma Day

Asthma in America

Asthma in America (Photo credit: GDS Infographics)

Did you know that today is World Asthma Awareness Day?  Neither did I.  Totally slipped under the radar.  I looked on NIH and CDC websites, saw nothing about it.  On one of the local news channels they talked about it.  Something wrong with this picture?  I think so.  One in twelve kids in America has asthma.  I was one, now I’m an adult with severe asthma.  My kids both have it from childhood, though my son’s seems to be gone.  My brilliant asthmatic daughter smokes!!  Could wring her neck.  Anyway, it’s an epidemic.  Higher incidents among the poor, cockroach leavings are a huge trigger.


Asthma (Photo credit: liliazdad)

Exercise induced asthma is common, I have that.  Cold induced asthma is common, I have that, too.  I never knew till 2 years ago that drinking a beverage with ice in it (which hospitals give patients all the time) could trigger or worsen an asthma attack.  It makes sense; the trachea and esophagus are so close.  And of course we all know of allergy induced asthma.  That’s what my daughter had and I have.  They finally gave up on telling me I’d out-grow it when I was 40, I think.  DUH   I found a recognition item!

Then we have the myriad of treatments.  A good thing.  When I was young and having frequent asthma attacks, prednisone (cortico steroid) was treatment of choice for persistent asthma.  When you’re allergic to cigarette smoke and live with a smoker, that happens.  So I’ve been on some dosage since I was twelve.  Now remember, I’m vintage so that’s a lot of prednisone.  That has it’s own collection of serious side effects, but it was what they had, and all of this was unknown.  Now, thank God, there are safer options.

asthma treatment

asthma treatment (Photo credit: pilsna)

Such a cheery post, huh?  Well, now you know why I don’t have a lot of posts, though I wish I did, about tag sales (which I love), thrifting, even shopping for materials to make projects because that means leaving my sealed tight house (energy efficiency–climate control is a bonus) to get supplies.  Though I did finally finish something that I’ll post when I get pics into the computer.  I also have CRS, :-).

Anyone with experiences, comments?  I’d love to hear from you.




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4 Responses to World Asthma Day

  1. Carl Olson says:

    She does good with the cards she was dealt. her loving husband.

  2. Amy Mayen says:

    I had no idea about ice & asthma. I’ll pass that on- my nephew has it 😦

  3. KBT says:

    Interesting post! As a person with asthma, I never knew about ice and asthma either… cold and asthma, yes, but ice? Who knew! Thanks for posting this 🙂

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