Autism Awareness Wreath…finally



Here is the beginning–a foam circle wreath from from Dollar Tree,  wrapped in green felt I had.  Craft paint I had.  Empty cereal box on which to make a mess I had.  Foam brushes were .05 on sale at Michaels.  More about puzzle pieces to come.



The cute animal scene puzzle (also from Dollar Tree) was 24 pieces; sizes that I thought would serve me well.  And they did.

The pansies I had from last spring.  The little it’s missing doesn’t matter.  It didn’t even whimper when I cut pieces off.  

Have you ever worked with paint crayon?  Interesting medium.  It stays tacky sticky forever.  The light blue letters in “til” are punch-outs from the stencils just held on by that paint crayon.  The rest were really stenciled with my .05 brushes and paint.


Ta-da!!  The much overdue completed project, hanging from a bit of blue ribbon on the wall.  Now you see why it was so long, huh?  So complicated–NOT!!  If you can’t read all the words, it says “till all the pieces fit”.

So, what do you think?  It’s different from the others I’ve seen, hopefully portrays the message.  If anyone want to have one of their very own, I think it cost me $3.00.  I must keep the cost of materials, and shipping if there is any (I’ll use the least expensive).  If you wish to pay more, it will go to The Autism Society of your state (or choice) and to a small group I belong to, Parents of Adult Children on Autism Spectrum (PACAS) locally.  We who have adults really have very little in terms of support.

Thoughts?  Anything to add?  Want one–my e-mail is at the top.  I have since gotten some pool noodles (guess where?) so I could change it up so it’s at least bigger.  Your wish (within reason and my ability) is my command.




About craftythriftydecoratingwifemom

I thank God for all the wondrous gifts he's given me daily. Reading many of your blogs has inspired me to get busy and stay busy doing things I used to enjoy and just fell away from. And you've given me courage to try new things I've never done before, things I'd have been afraid to try a few months ago. Thank you for your unknown contributions to this woman's life.
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2 Responses to Autism Awareness Wreath…finally

  1. Carl says:

    Looks real nice.

  2. Janet! I didn’t even know you were a blogger until I read it in your comment on my Facebook page today!! So I am sorry for not stopping by sooner! I love this wreath. 🙂 My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 6 (he’s 7 now). He’s very high functioning but still has struggles. This wreath touches my heart and is a beautiful creation. 🙂 I’m going to pin this. Have a blessed day!

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