As  you know if you read “About Me”, I am a Christian.  I had called myself that long before I knew it was possible to have a relationship with Jesus. That lesson I gradually learned in my early 30s and was baptized a born-again Christian.  My journey started thanks to women who also had children in the one nursery school in town at that time, one run by and on the property of what became my home church.  Being very shy, I wanted to decline the invitation to join a women’s Bible study, but I accepted and became very comfortable with these women.  It was a perfect, slow introduction to the world of Christianity, we studied books like “The Friendships of Women”, non-threatening books that showed Biblical backing for the material presented.  I moved on to much “meatier” actual Bible studies, by women such as Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer and heard a Bible-based sermon preached from the pulpit.

My daughter went to Sunday School and church with me, but my son’s autism was in full bloom by this time and there was no way he could take the different surroundings, number of people, noise of people, an organ and voices in song, etc.  These women and the rest of what became my church family prayed and prayed for years for first a diagnosis for my son, then for the best treatment and educational placement for him.  It was many years before my husband, raised Catholic but not practicing since before we married, came to enjoy the relationship I do with our Lord and Savior.  Both kids, at God’s perfect timing, came to that relationship also and were baptized.  Through God’s working in his life our son has been able to attend church, youth groups, now young adult groups.  Our daughter followed a similar track.

This is an introduction to how I came to be a woman of faith and my family a family of faith.  I have so much more to share on how God worked in our lives when I was a child on.  He is with us through hubs’ and my illnesses, injuries and ultimate disability.  He placed us where we have been, when He knew would be the best timing for us to live our lives. In future posts I’ll write more about the whys and hows of our belief.  As the Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11  11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”



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