Summer is here!!!!!


When the weathermen on the news start talking heat indexes of 105 I don’t even open the door if I can avoid it.  Some people love hot weather, but I’m one of those that fit in the “If you have……don’t go out today,” people.  I don’t know how widely it’s broadcast, it’s not one

TPC River Highlands, Hole #7

TPC River Highlands, Hole #7 (Photo credit: rbglasson)

of the big golf tournaments, but the TPC at River Highlands in Middletown, CT is happening.  Today was pro-am, tomorrow starts the real tournament and heat indexes are again predicted over 100 degrees.  The vendors must make a fortune on days like this.

Wikipedia: Truck based ambulance in the United States using a pre-built box system

The hospital I go to for care provides the emergency care for this tournament and I’m sure they were busy today.  Nothing will come between some golf fans and a live tournament.

There were high school graduations today, too, with thousands of people in attendance.  Some family members were shown on TV reports leaving before seeing their loved ones get their diplomas.  I feel for those kids; it was a day similar to this one temperature-wiseGraduationwhen I graduated eons ago with threats of thunderstorms so we moved inside. There was no air conditioning back then and the graduation gowns over our regular dresses were so hot.  But we were out of the sun so maybe today was worse for the graduates.  And we weren’t used to air conditioning so we didn’t miss it so much.  There were ambulances in abundance at the city graduations shown on local news and the fire departments set up their hoses with sprinkler heads over tall fences to cool people down.  It’s New England all right–yesterday was in the 70s.

How’s the weather where you are?  I’d love to hear from you.



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