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Bible Reading Plans: What I chose from

In January I decided that I needed to read through the Bible in a year again.  I’ve tried before and not succeeded, it took me two years, but I read it all.  That time I used a Bible specifically designed … Continue reading

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Medication OOPS

I hope you’ve noticed (somebody…..anybody?) that it’s been a while since I’ve written.  Now I don’t have two broken arms or anything although I’ve been seriously wondering about the state of my brain.  Seriously.  I’ve previously written that I have … Continue reading

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Where Does the Day Go????

  I have some strengths, I have some weaknesses, we all do.  When I go to list them, the weaknesses list is always easier to fill.  Why is that?  When days go by in a row and I get so … Continue reading

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_________________in 365 Days

Many people make a New Years Resolution to [fill in the blank] in the new year.  For some it’s learn a language or learn better keyboarding skills or take a continuing education course.  Are you one of those people? Or … Continue reading

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Owls and other projects

  Owls. knitted into sweater at neck  I hope the “Press This” worked for me and the sweater and its knitter will open when clicked. If not, you are missing a beautiful sweater and I’m missing a chance to appreciate … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, Holidays and moods

2012.  What will this year bring?  It follows a very unusual year, with unheard of weather globally, overthrow of dictatorships of decades long duration, high unemployment and with that high foreclosure rates on homes, high homelessness, dependence on food stamps … Continue reading

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Joy, Gifts, Daniel

by Melissa  The Inspired Room      Are you like so many of us in one of the most spiritual (potentially) times of the year who find ourselves hurrying and getting this for Aunt Sue, and, oh, I can’t forget … Continue reading

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