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Friendship Plus

We haven’t been to church in a very long time.  But church, in the actions of some members, has come to us.  And these people, for a large part, have come to this particular church since we haven’t been able … Continue reading

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Plans and Falls Defeating Plans

I had all kinds of plans for things I was going to be doing this month.  You know the saying about plans?  “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans”  Yeah that one.  I fell, tripped on the bedspread … Continue reading

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Autism Fundraisers

Here in Hartford, CT there was a fundraising march yesterday for Autism.  They raised $200,000 to go toward research and treatment.  Pretty phenomenal, huh?  So I thought I would repeat something I offered before but I don’t think many saw. … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Month

From Hoybycrafts.blogspot.com by Shannon Eyer  First I want to say there should not need to be one month of the 12 for awareness of autism, breast cancer, or any of the dozens of others, it should be awareness all year. … Continue reading

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A Child WITH Autism

This could have been anyone’s child.  Except my child with autism would never have done that.  Some with it and some without it would think nothing of kneeling down to play in a puddle, wearing his galoshes, holding his umbrella. … Continue reading

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Six Steps

Wow, I haven’t posted in a long time!!  I read every day, just that’s as far as I got. 😦 I was just reading Mandi’s post (as in “Love Your Guts”, Mandi) a.k.a. Vintage Revivals.  She wrote about less than … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas this December 1st

If, by some miracle, I did this right, a You Tube video appeared above.  If not, I’ve got more learning to do. And that would hardly surprise me. I’ve mentioned that I have several chronic, some debilitating, medical issues. My … Continue reading

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Invisible Chronic Illness Week—part 2

Did anyone but me notice (after publishing) this it was last month ???  LOL  One thing I forgot to mention about fibromyalgia is “fibro fog” as we insiders call it.  I honestly didn’t see that Sept. 10-16 til I sent.  Another thing … Continue reading

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Glad This Week’s About Over

For many people a doctor appointment Monday, one meeting Tuesday and one meeting Wednesday, getting 3 large dogs to the groomer this morning and nothing but a physical therapy appointment for hubs tomorrow afternoon would be a light week.  But … Continue reading

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Life is So Unpredictable

If any of you read ButtonBirdDesigns. (sample of her work below) (and I hope you do, she is so artistically talented and a pretty decent writer, too) you know she recently lost a nearly life-long friend who was only 38. … Continue reading

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